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Advantages of Epoxy over Granite or Marble

Updated: Dec 4, 2021

There are many reasons why business and home owners choose certain products over others. Some of these are style, popular trends, budget, versatility, and functionality. To determine if Epoxy is a good alternative countertop for you, let's take a look at a few of them in more detail to determine if they strike home with you or not.


What is your style? Are you a trend setter, follower, breaker of traditions? Marble and Granite will only get you so far and finding the right colors, texture, and lines may be hard to do if they are all made my mother nature herself. Sometimes limited supplies may slow you down as well. Depending on the size or shape of your project, you may end up with multiple seams and possibly even different cuts of the same type, with a slightly different color or hue. Finding all of these while not breaking the bank may be difficult as well.

Epoxy gives you the ability to have countless colors, textures, and styles. If you don't like it two years later, then it can be re-poured and re-colored to a new color, style, texture for minimal costs compared to a full replacement. A professional can make your design style more unique and trendsetting than ever before. The sky is the limit.

Popular Trends

Didn't everyone just love Burnt Orange rugs in the '70s? What are this year's trends, may not be so trendy a few years from now, so making a pretty steep financial investment in a unique piece may be more risky then your Popular Trend payoff. Look for a piece that will stand the test of time. Usually those pieces are worth the money.

With Epoxy, you can pick what trend you want to try. Your professional can even make a few different sample boards to hone in on exactly what you are looking for in a piece. Again, if you don't like it after a bit, it will be easy to change.


Most of us have one. The bottom line seems to expand during a project, so any money you can save on upfront, will certainly pay off for you during the project. Plan for worst case. The cost of the project usually comes with many hidden maintenance fees. Find out if your finished work has warranty, if there is any annual maintenance recommendations or requirements to keep the warranty. Epoxy countertops are maintenance free and usually come with some type of manufacturer and installation warranty.

In previous blogs we talked about the Durability of epoxy versus granite or marble. Needless to say, it is super versatile and can give you the look and style you want, for a fraction of the cost of Granite, Marble, or Metals. Epoxy is non-porous too. It will not hold on to all of those nasty germs and bacteria the way Marble and Granite will. It can be cleaned and maintained with normal household cleaners year-round.

Let's talk about actual numbers. Granite countertops will cost you around $40 to $60 per square foot, with the total price for installation and materials coming in between $2,000 to $4,500. Comparatively, marble costs around $75 to $250 per square foot, with the average cost around $75. Quartz comes in around $55 per square foot, concrete at $70, and butcher block at $55.

Epoxy pricing will run around $30 to $40 for a custom top, not much lead time needed if done by a professional with all materials locally sourced.


Just as Granite and Marble can go in your kitchen, it can also look incredible and be very functional in many other rooms of your house. By that same reasoning, epoxy resin can do the same and give you all of it's advantages as well, plus a few extra. There is nothing more incredibly beautiful than a piece of raw cut wood with natural staining. However, there is nothing more frustrating then seeing it get ruined because you didn't maintain the piece with constant attention. Epoxy let's you seal it and have it permanently maintained. No more waxes, polishers, chips, scrapes, splinters, etc.

I would hate the thought of spilling a beautiful glass of red wine on a perfectly cut piece of white marble. The porous nature of Marble and Granite, soaks in that stain and is difficult to get out without professional help. Epoxy allows you to just pull out your everyday cleaner to wipe up the spill, no stain, no fuss. It's anti-bacterial to boot. Very hard for those pesky germs to hold on to the smooth as glass finish of an epoxy countertop.

Last item of versatility for you with Epoxy. If you have ever lifted a piece of marble, what's one of the first things you's weight. OMG, it is SO heavy!!! Now, if you have to install that new countertop with all of that weight across your kitchen, there may be some structural issues that you have to address. This is generally an easy fix, but one that comes with eye sores and budget additions. Again.

Kitchen Remodel. Yep, I said that nasty word...Remodel. Now, are you ready for 3 months without a kitchen because of the new Island and Countertops, the refacing of cabinets, the headaches of pounding, fumes, and contractors swearing it will only be one more week? A budget that was set no greater than $30,000 only to be demolished by Supply Chain issues and empty promises. Would you like to hear, for just once. that they actually over-estimated costs and it will actually be less than their amount? Or maybe even that the contractors showed up on time and left after a full days work? See our website to learn more about how EpoxyArtist can make those things happen to you.

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