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What We Do:     
Custom Countertops/Showers

Everyone loves Granite and Marble, but is it really the only alternative?  You can have the look of these beautiful stones for a fraction of the cost......and with more benefits!

Sounds like a gimmick right?  No, it is not.  Epoxy resin countertops have been gaining in popularity because of the reduction in cost from your typical countertop.  Now we have included shower walls that are cheaper and easier to install then tile or even some inserts. Find out all of the different options you can choose from by giving us a call.  We will make it worth your time.

Custom Refurbishment
old laminate countertop.jpg

Have Laminate countertops and they are old and chipping, or just completely out of style.  Did you know that we can refurbish those laminate countertops without removing them.  This saves you thousands of dollars. 

Or do you want or need a new subsurface- custom made to your new bold kitchen, bathroom, bartop or conference table.  Learn how we design your color scheme from your home or business.  We can give you that new look that you have been waiting for without the huge price tag on top.

Sample Boards

Let us build a sample board for your project.  We love creating and coming up with new ideas.  Our materials are all locally made here in the USA.  We source from American companies and only use top notch products that are safe for the environment and for you the homeowner or business.  Our epoxy for countertops is heat resistant, scratch resistant, zero VOC, impact-resistant, contains strong UV Inhibitors, and stands up to years of use.   

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